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XTR Digital Call Recording

Plug n’ Play Hardware Options

XTR Professional offers a range of connectivity options to suit your precise needs. Our hardware portfolio starts with the single extension Digital 01. Connecting at the agent Desktop, Digital 01 allows you to implement a fully professional, fully centralist recording solution instantly at minimum cost!

All of the XTR Professional hardware options have USB connections to allow Plug n’ Play instant connection and upgrade. XTR Professional is unique in offering a range of cost effective connectivity options to suit the smallest business and budget yet expand to the largest installations.

For centralized communications room connectivity, XTR Digital 04 and the rack mounted XTR Digital 16 offers modular 4 and 16 extension connection capability. XTR Digital 04 and 16 allow you to build recording solutions for the largest phone system installations (up to 48 extensions can be connected onto any one PC).

Network Connectivity

Control and Management

You determine where XTR Professional stores the calls for each agent. The efficient file structure means you can store 170 hours of recording per Gigabyte (that’s almost 14,000 hours of recording on a standard 80 GB hard disk).

You can access the recording archive from any PC on you network vi XTR Desktop, XTR Call Manager or XTR Reporter and archive calls to CD, DVD or other media.

Each recorded extension can have unique archive settings (local or remote). You can set thresholds to record calls above a minimum duration and chose auto delete calls after a certain period, or when a certain disk usage limit is reached.

  • The most cost-effective solution available today.
  • A powerful system that provides a direct interface to you Toshiba, Nortel, Panasonic, Avaya, Samsung, Siemens, Telrad, NEC, Tadiran, Vodavi and many more.
  • Capture caller ID, dialed number and more, as search parameters on most telephone systems.
  • Add our Reporting package, XTR Reporter, to run agent call statistics such as Call Volume by agent, Call length by agent, Call Volume by Caller ID, Call Volume time line and more.
  • Add out Quality package, XTR Call Score, to evaluate agents calls and generate quality reports.
  • No installation fees or on going costs. Small initial investment and you’re done.
  • Financing is also available. Contact us for details

XTR Professional Software Solutions

Our world-class hardware solutions are complimented by a suite of software applications designed to maximize the information eXTRacted from your recording archive. Modular, expandable functionality is delivered via 4 easy to use packages:

XTR Agent Desktop - a surprisingly powerful recording solution in its own right!

XTR Agent Desktop
A complete recording system in its own right! XTR Agent Desktop is provided with our XTR Digital 01 hardware allowing you to build a comprehensive agent based distributed recording solution with local or centralized archive. XTR Agent Desktop is also a great tool to allow your agents to listen to their own recordings where communications room recording is implemented using XTR Digital 04 and 16 hardware.

XTR Call Manager
Provided as standard with XTR Digital 04 and XTR Digital 16, Call Manager is a powerful Supervisor monitoring application allowing search, playback and export of recordings across multiple agents.

XTR Reporter
This optional package provides advanced retrieval and reporting features for the Supervisor who wants eXTRa tabular and graphical analysis and export for report generation.

XTR Call Score
An add-on package to XTR Reporter that uses sophisticated weight-based scoring for agent call grading. XTR Call Score is ideal for environments where agent performance and forlaised improvement techniques are required.

XTR Call Manager - Supervisor Position

  • Search and playback recordings across multiple agent groups.
  • Play, pause, fast forward & rewind recordings.
  • Shortcuts for instant Agent & workgroup recording lists.
  • Add notes for follow up.
  • Storage vault for one-touch copy to private storage location.
  • Export recordings in .wav format or email.

XTR Reporter - Intuitive Simple Management

The XTR Reporter optional module is an invaluable tool for Supervisors needing detailed reports on agent activity. XTR Reporter also adds advanced playback functionality for listening to recordings more efficiently.

Additional Listening features include:

Speed Control on Playback
Plays recordings faster or slower allowing a supervisor to quickly identify key areas of a conversation and capture key points of a discussion.

Call Slice
Simple cut, paste and email of only the "important" part of a conversation for rapid listening by others.

Allows a Supervisor to continuously playback a list of recordings in succession.

Random Playback
Automatic random playback from a list of calls.

Reverse Directory Number Search
Look up the directory listings of a number using the most popular on-line directories.

Reports and Statistics Features

A variety of reports can be compiled and printed in graphical or tabular format. A simple "click" on a report will allow playback of the associated recording.

The comprehensive Reports can be generated using:

  • Agent statistics
  • By day of week
  • Week of month
  • By Month

Once compiled, reports can be exported in a variety of formats for insertion into departmental reports.

XTR Call Score

XTR Call Score uses sophisticated "weighting" techniques to build percentage scores from a set of supervisor determined parameters.

XTR Call Score allows a Supervisor to "score" an agents performance during any particular call. XTR Call Score is ideal for providing formalized improvements for agents as well as a perfect way to track increased performance over time.

‘XTR Professional Delivers!’

Whatever your call recording application, the XTR Professional suite hardware and software modules provides the perfect entry level or high-end solution.

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