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Trunk-Side Call Recording

Trunk Side Recording

The trunk-side recording type enables all calls to be recorded without investing in a record channel for each phone. For example if you have 2 T-1’s delivering up to 48 calls at once and 78 phones, you only need 48 record channels.

Trunk-side recording is available on any type of switch. Compatibility with a recording system is not an issue. The phone lines (T-1’s) deliver some call data. In almost every case the switch can provide additional call data (date/time/extension/agent ID/ dialed number/ANI/DNIS/etc).

Another benefit to this type of recording is the ability to record your entire customers call. You will be able to record all segments of the call. Even if this call is put on hold, transferred to three different agents and then sent to a manager the entire call is captured.

The down side to this configuration is no internal calls are recorded. Since the recording system is connected in front of the switch, it doesn’t see any of the extension to extension calls.

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