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Station-Side Call Recording

Station Side Recording

This recording type enables all calls to be recorded by extensions connected to the recording system. This includes inbound, outbound, and station-to-station calls. Only the calls handled by the phones connected to the recording system are recorded. As soon as a call is transferred out of the connected station/agent pool the call is no longer recorded. So you are able to record the internal calls, within the recorded pool, but unable to follow a customer’s call transferred out of the recorded pool.

A station-side recording configuration requires the ability of the recorder to interface to the existing digital phones (VoIP phones are discussed in another summary). It is critical the your recording vendor know the model number of your individual phone sets. Call data that can be collected is again specific to your particular switch type and phone set in use. Typically any call data presented to your phone display can be captured and indexed to the call. In most cases this includes dialed number, caller ID, extension, etc). The recording system will provide the date/time/extension and in most cases the agent.

Station Side Recording

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