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Types of Call Recording

At w4 Call Recording, one of our many goals is to make you the most informed consumer possible. To make it easier to understand we have put together some information on the different types of call recording.  If you still have further questions after reading this information please feel free to contact us .

Station-Side Call Recording

A station-side recording configuration requires the ability of the recorder to interface to the existing digital phones It is critical the your recording vendor know the model number of your individual phone sets. Call data that can be collected is again specific to your particular switch type and phone set in use.

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Trunk-Side Call Recording

Trunk Side call recording is available on any type of switch. Compatibility with a recording system is not an issue. The phone lines (T-1’s) deliver some call data. In almost every case the switch can provide additional call data (date/time/extension/agent ID/ dialed number/ANI/DNIS/etc). This recording type enables all calls to be recorded without investing in a recording channel for each phone. For example if you have 2 T-1’s delivering up to 48 calls at once and 78 phones, you only need 48 record channels.

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VOIP Call Recording

Voice Over Internet Protocol is sending a voice conversation over a corporate LAN/WAN and/or the Internet. The voice signal is split into separate data packets and these packets are then transmitted over a data network to the desired destination. The separate packets are reassembled at the receiving end and the digital information is converted back into a duplicate of the original voice signal. Most current VoIP implementations today are a hybrid of traditional and VoIP telephony.

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