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Call Recording Installation & Training Services

To insure your digital, analog, or VoIP call recording system will operate properly, we offer specialized installation services. We have packages designed specifically for the digital and analog, as well as the VoIP call recording equipment. We also offer exclusive training packages to make sure your staff is informed to the best of our ability, for you to have a smooth transition. The training is also setup in a way that we can come back out for a refresher course and to answer questions after a few weeks of using the system in your facility or office.

Installation Rates
VoIP System Up to 60 Channels $800.00
VoIP System 61 + Channels $1,050.00
Digital & Analog Up to 40 Channels $2,000.00
Digital & Analog 41 + Channels $2,400.00

Our packages, as mentioned before, will include a specialized training, customized exactly for the type of call recording system you have installed. Prices on the training packages will be coming soon...

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