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XTR Digital Call Recording

w4 Call Recording Solutions for Call Centers

At w4 Call Recording, we know that all businesses have call recording needs. From the home office user, to a 10,000 + seat call center, we have solutions for every business. We aim to match your needs and budget to the right call recording solution. You will find that our site is arranged in a way that one can easily navigate through the different call recording applications and phone systems we carry. Beyond that, once in a category, you can search by different attributes or features such as: your specific application need, channels, phone system, price range, and recording types. We also offer customized training and system installation. We are confident that we have what you need for the call recording solution you are seeking!

XTR Professional Digital Call Recording

XTR Professional digital call recording units are a unique, state-of-the-art way to set up your call recording center. The XTR Professional digital call recording is a low-cost, extension desktop, True Digital connector, and comes complete with applications software. The XTR Professional hardware comes equipped with USB connections. This allows immediate Plug n' Play, for instant communication or upgrade. XTR Professional is unique in offering a range of cost-effective connectivity options. It suits the smallest business and budget, yet can expand to the largest installations.

With the XTR Professional digital call recording device, you have control and management right at your fingertips. With an efficient file structure, you can store 170 hours of recording per Gigabyte, equal to 14,000 hours of recording on an 80 GB hard disk. The archive is easily accessible from any PC on your network, and archive settings can be customized. This powerful system provides a direct interface for Toshiba, Nortel, Panasonic, Avaya, Samsung, Siemens, Telrad, NEC, Tadiran, Vodavi and many more! Read more about the XTR Professional Digital Call Recording system.

CRC VoIP Call Recording

If your business is seeking the most complete VoIP voice/data recording device available, the CRC VoIP is the one for you! CRC VoIP is very user-friendly, with data and voice call recording, logging, and a management system all in one. If your business uses either IP or IP-enabled telephone systems, you will want to choose this system. CRC VoIP is completely software based, easy to install and maintain, requires no physical IP PBX integration, and needs little to no maintenance. To read more about the CRC VoIP systems recording features and components, or to see a helpful multi-media sample recording diagram, visit our CRC VoIP information page.